Pain Management

Having been a long term pain sufferer myself, I know exactly how hard it is to feel stuck and withdrawn because of constant pain and discomfort.

Whether your pain is chronic(lasting longer than 3 months) or intermittent, I can help ease pain symptoms by giving you the tools you need to find freedom and get yourself ‘back on track’.

My session will include a little pain science so you know how pain is interpreted in your body(don’t worry, it will all be palatable!), we’ll then look at how your pain started, where it lives, and how often and intensely you feel it.

Once we get a good idea of what’s happening, I’ll create a tailored programme of stretches and strengthening exercises along with mindfulness techniques that will help alleviate the pain and help to keep your body stable and mobile.

Book a fully
personalized & tailored
session for you

Initial Consultation:

1 hour – £70

Follow up sessions:

50mins – £50

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